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JCM Made Systematic Study Plan for Violin Classes

August 29, 2019

Jubilee College of Music made a system chart for violin performance classes responding to the increased interest in violin study at Olivet University Riverside campus.

JCM has been offering violin performance classes in Riverside campus since Spring 2018 as an "Applied Music" program.

The new system chart divides the whole study plan into five different performance levels and listed etude books, recommended daily practice hours, and possible music ministry activities at each level.

Level 1 and 2 are for beginners who have never learned or have little experience with the instrument. Level 1 focuses on basics such as left-hand fingering, right-hand bow stroke, and correct posture.

Intermediate students at level 3 and 4 learn 2-octave scales, Etudes, and Suzuki books. Sevcik series will help polish their left and right-hand technique. Level 3 also enables students to join the campus praise teams and start to require more than one hour of daily practice.

Level 5 is for students who need professional-level training in the instrument. Carl Flesh scale system and Dont and Kreutzer study books are the ones that students must practice on in order to jump beyond the basics and become professional players.

"We were glad to see many students enroll in the violin classes. We hope that the new study plan will systematize the whole violin learning process and help students to learn violin in a concentrated fashion at each level," shared Emily Ko, Associate Dean of Jubilee College of Music.

Based on improved techniques and understanding of phrases through etude study, students will learn major concertos of Baroque and Classical period one by one. Advanced students will be able to participate in teaching beginner-level classes.

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