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OSAD Launches BA Fine Arts Program in Fall

September 25, 2019

Olivet School of Arts and Design (OSAD) has just launched its Fall 2019 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts.

The start of the Fall quarter on September 23 marks a new chapter for OSAD. Students of the BA Fine Arts program will study the fundamental skills to create masterful artwork with hands-on training. All the courses will be taught by an established artist and experienced professor to guide through each step of the process in the journey to becoming a professional fine artist. During this year's winter annual exhibition, BA fine arts students will share some of their best creations for the first time, harvesting from a quarter's hard work.

"It has been a long wait for this program to be officially launched," said Professor Zimou Tan, OSAD associate dean.

"It is truly a blessing for our school as there are lots of exciting work and opportunities ahead of us. We are all excited and eager for the new era to begin," Tan added.

This is the very first step for OSAD to establish many more fine arts programs in the future. OSAD anticipates that more students will join and be trained to serve the Lord with their creative passion.

Events / Calendar
  • Feb 20

    President's Day

  • Mar 13

    Registration begins

  • Mar 15

    Last day of classes

  • Mar 16

    Final exam period (March 16 - 22)

  • Mar 22

    Winter quarter ends