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Computer Networking Course Held Special Lecture on Video Streaming Technology

November 14, 2019

Olivet Institute of Technology held a special lecture and discussion on video streaming technology for their Ph.D. students this week.

The special lecture was held as a part of the Computer Networking II course which OIT offers in the Fall quarter for doctoral level students. The lecture focused on Adaptive Bitrate Algorithms (ABA), which is the key technology in streaming videos smoothly.

As video viewing traffic dominates the internet, it is vital to provide high-quality video streaming services with few rebuffering. The highest possible rate of HTTP protocol does not guarantee low latency and high performance. ABA plays an important role in eliminating these limitations and provide quality video streaming.

Tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and Google all have their own video streaming technology. While all the major broadcasting companies have high-end tech for video streaming, Christian ministries are also in need of their own video streaming tech for video sites, worship apps, sermon broadcasting, allowing them to present Christian content with improved quality.

"I am glad that we are having such a practical lecture and discussions on this topic. It deepens my understanding and helps me get new ideas for my research," shared Ph.D. Student Yuechen Hou.

OIT plans to offer many special lectures that can benefit students and widen their perspectives for their research that can bring impact to their local ministries.

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