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OTCS Faculty Attend ETS Annual Meeting

November 30, 2019

OTCS faculty attended the 71st Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) titled "Christ in all Scripture" held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego from Nov. 20-23.

The Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) is a group of scholars, teachers, pastors, students, and others dedicated to the oral exchange and written expression of theological thought and research. The institution founded in 1949 is devoted to the inerrancy and inspiration of the Scriptures and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

During the 3-day event, OTCS faculty attended several parallel and plenary meetings. Some of the meetings included "The 'Christus Odium' Variety of Penal Substitution in Contemporary Perspective", "Nations and Culture", "Spiritual Formation / Sanctification", and "Old Testament Theology", "Jesus Messiah as Isaiah's Servant of the Lord: New Testament Explorations." The faculty attended the parallel meetings according to their specializations.

"One of the lectures I was most interested in was 'How Christian Philosophers can Serve Theologians and Biblical Scholars.' The lecturer pointed out why these days Christian Faith does not affect young people from a philosophical perspective," reflected OTCS faculty, Dr. Doohyun Yoon.

"I was able to agree with many points presented by the lecturer. There is a big gap between young people and theologians. Theology, both Systematic Theology and Biblical Studies, does not deal with what young people are concerned about. Secondly, the effect of postmodernism and naturalism has occupied their minds. He suggested to get acquainted with Christian philosophers and theologians to answer young people's questions especially issues that address the current crisis in political and social arenas," added Dr. Yoon.

Other Olivet University faculty, including Dr. Rachael Mak, attended the seminar titled "Improving Pedagogy in Higher Education Classrooms & Spiritual Formation in and through the Classroom."

"I am inspired by the professor who gave a lecture about Pedagogy. As a seminary professor, it is important to have concerns on student's life and give answers to their deep spiritual struggles in theology class, which is an important spiritual formation," reflected Dr. Mak.

The insights from the meetings that the professors carried from the ETS meeting will be added to their instructions at Olivet University.

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