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Music College Plans Concert Events for New Quarter

January 11, 2020

Jubilee College of Music held its Winter quarter orientation at the Riverside campus last Friday.

During the orientation, Dr. Emily Ko, Associate Dean of the Jubilee College of Music, shared special events and class schedules that the college plans to hold during the Winter quarter.

A student experience trip is scheduled at a local concert and church event along with planned graduate student concerts. Shawn Pang, a graduate Jubilee music student, will hold his graduate concert at the end of the quarter. All music students will be participating in both events.

Dr. Ko presented two additional upcoming seminar courses: "Music History" and "Musicianship and Theory". Violin, guitar, and piano performance courses will also be offered.

During the orientation, new students Jonah Yang and Michael Xongnoseuksa were welcomed by the faculty and students. Both will begin introductory courses with hopes of working towards preparing their own graduate concerns in future quarters.

Events / Calendar
  • Jan 22

    Last day to drop courses with fee

  • Jan 29

    Last day to apply for Winter quarter Leave of Absence

  • Feb 15

    President's Day

  • Mar 15

    Registration begins

  • Mar 16

    Last day of classes