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Fine Art Program in OU San Francisco Enriched by Professor Zimou Tan's Drawing Course

January 30, 2020

The Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Program at Olivet University San Francisco campus added a new course into its 2020 Winter quarter line with Olivet School of Art and Design (OSAD) Professor Zimou Tan's drawing course.

Professor Tan's "Introduction to Drawings" course focuses on the most fundamental concepts by training students how to see and understand the shapes and structures of daily objects. From a simple white cup to a cuddly stuffed animal, each object can be broken down into various geometric shapes to build up the three-dimensional object.

Professor Tan often takes a one-on-one coaching approach to help students develop hands-on drawing techniques while learning about the theories in class. Students are actively involved with the lecture and in-class exercises.

"My goal is that all students will be able to compose anything they see in front of them, with correct shapes, values, and textures," said Professor Tan.

Both students and the professor are looking forward to a productive course with impressive results by spring time.

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