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TESOL Class Discusses Cultural Responsiveness for ESL Teachers

February 02, 2020

Understanding cultural differences is a crucial lesson for any ESL teacher, according to TESOL professor Lisa Baer from the Olivet School of Language Education (OSLE).

Professor Baer presented the definition of culture during her class last week. Speaking from her teaching experience, Baer said a typical ESL class often comprises of people from many different cultures and recognizing such cultural differences would improve a students' learning experience.

Since many TESOL students in the class are from diverse backgrounds, they often share their experiences in interacting with people from another culture. Though there may be a huge gap of understanding between what is accepted and what is not, students explained how they resolve the issue and try to find common ground.

Professor Baer also suggested some strategies to help ESL students accept other cultures, fostering a more productive and inclusive learning environment.

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