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Students Reflect on the Sovereignty of God in History of Christianity Class

March 20, 2020

"God is the master of our history." - this is the one important message that students have learned from the History of Christianity course offered by Olivet Theological College and Seminary (OTCS) in the Winter quarter.

The course is basically a walkthrough of the history of the Christian Church from its founding at Pentecost to the present day. It covers major events, figures, and various driving forces from inside and outside the Church from the Apostolic Fathers to medieval and modern Christianity.

Undergraduate student Susan Tao realized that Christians today are standing on the sacrifice of many ancestors of faith who fought for their beliefs. "We shouldn't take the right doctrines and freedom of faith that we enjoy today for granted. Those are the fruits of victory of the faithful in God's history. I am encouraged to study well and lead people to God," said Tao.

"God is indeed the master of our history. He is leading the history of mankind and the direction of the kingdom of God. When the Christian faith faced the challenges of rationalism, skepticism, and evolutionism, God gave Christian leaders of that era the answer to their questions so that people can return to the Word of God," said Rebecca Wang, a senior seminary student.

"Today we live in an era of multiculturalism - a time when people reject the absolute truth. How much more we need to proclaim Jesus Christ as the only truth and the only way to salvation?" Wang continued.

Omara Walter, an online student from Africa, shared: "Through this course, I began to appreciate the value and the importance of knowing where and how far the Church has come. Jesus' life and commitment to God's work were phenomenal. The world is evolving, things are changing but God's Word is the same and nothing will ever change the truth of God. I realize that the history of Christianity is the history of God built and accomplished through men who listen and obey God's command. So we should become the ones who participate in God's history by obeying Him."

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