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OIT Adjunct Google Professor to Teach Information Retrieval Course

April 06, 2020

The Olivet Institute of Technology San Francisco, OIT, will be opening a new course called Information Retrieval for the upcoming Spring Quarter Information retrieval is the process through which a computer system can respond to a user's query for text-based (or other format) information on a specific topic. IR was one of the first and remains one of the most important problems in the domain of natural language processing (NLP).

Instructor Dr. Reza Sadoddin, has been a senior engineer at Google since 2016. Holding a Ph. D degree in computer science from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, he has instructed Google’s internal data science class in 2019. He is now working in Google to use machine learning to improve Google search engine products.

Students will go in depth with IR, as it is frequently used to facilitate Web searches in the format of search engines and it is the area in which most people interact with IR systems. It will help IT students master search engine principles and programming, as well as equipping them with necessary SEO skills. Other skills for the web, including crawling, link-based algorithms, and metadata usage, document clustering and classification as well as machine learning-based ranking approaches will be explored. The online class begins in April and will have plenty of hands-on with Python.

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