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Theological Prolegomena Lays Foundational Study for Divinity Students

April 15, 2020

Olivet Theological College and Seminary's Theological Prolegomena course, lectured by Dr. Joseph Lee, kicked off in Olivet University San Francisco this week. Seminary students look forward to studying the course which would set them on the right track of theological studies in the years ahead.

The word 'prolegomena' refers to 'prefatory remarks' or 'forwards.' Theological Prolegomena examines significant themes such as the nature, source, task, and method of theology, primarily from the evangelical Christian perspective. The varying views on biblical revelation and interpretation of the Scripture among mainstream Christianity will also be explored in-depth. It is hoped that students would learn to cherish the reformed Christian tradition with the understanding of its relevance in the contemporary context.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students will be meeting the faculty online every week to participate in live lectures and discussions. Students will also form smaller groups to share study notes and reflections.

"This course sets out a proper direction to the journey of theological studies. I believe that students will have a concrete foundation in theology at the end of the course. Along with students, I wish to seek God with a humble heart by recognizing the human discourse about God is always provisional and partial," said Dr. Joseph Lee.

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