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OSAD Students Showcase Artworks Created from Digital Painting Seminar

June 16, 2020

Olivet School of Art and Design (OSAD) has successfully held a three-part digital painting seminar in partnership with Christian artists fellowship Creatio. San Francisco-based concept artist/illustrator Temarius Walker led the class to produce amazing artworks.

The seminar met every Saturday for three weeks from May 16 to June 6. Current OSAD students, alumni, as well as Creatio members from many different professional backgrounds and geographical locations attended the live event held online. Participants observed each lesson attentively and practiced with diligence. While demonstration classes were on the weekends, students were able to receive help and feedback through the class group chat at any time.

The seminar was very successful in two ways. First of all, despite many participants having little prior experience in digital painting, everyone was able to independently produce original digital images by the end of the three-part seminar. Secondly, some participants discovered a newfound passion for digital drawing and created more images on top of their required assignment for fun.

"It's really a precious chance for me to start learning digital painting. I have learned a lot about composition, color mood, and choice of brushes. I will continue to explore this medium. My dream is to create more Christian images to glorify God," said Qilian Zhou, an OSAD student majoring in graphic design.

Instructor Temarius is grateful for the teaching opportunity, he said: "Organizing these workshops and planning out the lectures for the students has been a fun challenge over this last month. My hope is that the students will take the skills and tools that I have shared with them and use their God-given talents to express their own unique stories. I've really enjoyed getting to know all of the students and I'm looking forward to holding more workshops in the future."

Temarius thanked OSAD Professor Zimou Tan, Creatio, and Olivet University for coordinating the workshops. The success of this digital painting seminar will be a stepping stone for future workshops co-organized by OSAD and Creatio.

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