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Design Students to Demonstrate Ministry Readiness in Final Portfolio Project Class

January 22, 2021

As the Winter quarter has begun, the class of 2021 of the Olivet School of Art and Design (OSAD) is ready to take on the final portfolio project - just in time for graduation in June.

On top of the regular M.A. in Graphic Design coursework, the final portfolio project is one of the requirements for graduation at OSAD. Conducted over two quarters, each student should propose a project in one area of specialty, such as web design, branding, UI/UX design, product mockup and so on. In most cases, the student will collaborate with a ministry to work on this project and ultimately produce a presentable product.

To succeed in the final portfolio project, the student should demonstrate a mastery of practical design skills, which are covered by the M.A. in Graphic Design coursework. In addition, the final portfolio project would train students in project management, research, communication and leadership so that they may gradually grow into the role of an art director.

"We encourage students to work closely with churches, parachurch organizations, businesses or educators for their final portfolio projects. They can learn a lot beyond design. We'd like to equip students to be ready for ministry," OSAD Program Director Rodem Hwang said.

OSAD wishes the graduating class of 2021 success and looks forward to seeing the fruits this Summer.

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