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Olivet Design School Freshmen Create Personal Profile Infographics

March 12, 2021

Olivet School of Art and Design, OSAD, undergraduate freshmen gained experience in creating infographics through the Basic Graphic Design course in the Winter quarter. Basic Graphic Design is both a theoretical and practical course. Students first learn about various design principles pertaining to layout, typography, color scheme, and visual balance. They then apply these principles in creating their own work. One of the works they created was an infographic of their personal profiles.

"I'm really happy to have taken this class. I learned a lot and worked on various projects. I came to understand visual hierarchy, layouts and compositions, patterns, colors, the gestalt principle, and so much more. It is very enjoyable and practical. I look forward to what we're going to do in the future," said BA Design student Kiwon Seo.

Another student Sarah said, "It can feel difficult to design out of thin air, but through this class, I learned that you could be born a creative art genius, or you can learn step by step, and be amazed at what you can do with designing. It was also neat to try designing a self portfolio - which was a fun way to reflect about myself, as well as a process of learning how to efficiently build my own design steps."

The course will conclude with a final project where students integrate the skills learned throughout the quarter. This foundational basic course will prepare design students for the next tier of courses offered in Spring Quarter.

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