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Olivet Art and Design School to Host Digital Drawing Workshop in Summer

August 18, 2021

Olivet School of Art and Design (OSAD) will host a digital drawing workshop in the Summer quarter. The workshop is open to all, for current students and prospective students interested in taking a sample class at OSAD.

The digital drawing workshop will cover drawing characters by using smart tablets and Adobe applications. The workshop came as a result of a recent survey that shows what most students are interested to learn. Since most current students at OSAD have experience in pencil sketching and drawing, learning the digital tools will allow them to leverage their creative potential. For the prospective students, the workshop could provide an opportunity for them to know more about the school.

Olivia Goo, who is an alumnus of OSAD, will be the workshop instructor. She currently works in Japan as a creative director in various corporations, churches, and ministries.

OSAD will announce the details of the workshop this week.

Events / Calendar
  • Mar 11

    Registration begins

  • Mar 13

    Last day of classes

  • Mar 14

    Final exam period (March 14 - 20)

  • Mar 20

    Winter quarter ends

  • Mar 22

    Last day to register without charge