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Design Students Benefit from Project-Based Learning in Corporate Identity Class

December 01, 2021

Olivet School of Art and Design (OSAD) San Francisco campus offered project-based learning for its 'Corporate Identity' course this quarter. Students were able to practice through the entire creative process in a simulated business environment to produce actual publishable work.

In the first two weeks, Professor Calla Choi introduced the basic principles of corporate identity and branding. Students were then given a start-up business project which required them to research, brainstorm, and sketch ideas to format a branding strategy.

"Through this course, I learned some basic specifications about logo design as well as the differences between different categories of logos," said OSAD student Neil Li. "Not only should a good logo be easily recognizable but must also withstand the test of time. Designing a good logo requires us to keep testing on new ideas. I appreciate the project-based learning setting which allows students to experience the design process in real-life," added Li.

At the end of the quarter, students will pitch various logo designs, brand guidelines,business cards, brochures, letterheads, envelopes, and memorabilia. Through the course, students acquire hands-on experience on what it is like to produce projects and hit milestones during deadlines for their clients.

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