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Riverside Student Design Club Hosts Visual Media Special Seminar

January 15, 2022

Olivet University Riverside campus Design Club hosted a special seminar on visual media in the first week of the Winter quarter. Professor Ezra Park introduced the basics of photography, video editing, and 3D modeling.

Professor Park explained the use of different types of cameras from theoretical and practical perspectives. Students were able to try using the camera's various settings to capture some images at the spot. They were thrilled to see the results. Professor Park also offered a drone flight demo to conclude the photography session.

In the second session on video editing, students learned to import video footage plus a few still images into the video editing software. Professor Park taught the students to set up a basic workflow, in which some key videography concepts such as frames per second (fps) and resolution were presented. Students tried some simple editing techniques and created a few interesting videos.

The final session was about 3D modeling. The general modeling process was introduced, starting with CAD to rendering. Students who are interested in studying 3D modeling were advised to be ready for full commitment because it requires much time and concentration.

"Photography and video editing are very much considered as basic skills in this age of media and technology. The seminar was helpful for students to explore these areas," one of the students shared.

The special seminar was an enriching experience for many though it had only covered the fundamentals of photography, video editing, and 3D modeling. Riverside campus Design Club plans to offer longer, in-depth workshops in these areas.

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