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Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies Celebrates Diverse D.Min. Project Topics

July 29, 2022

Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies concluded another fruitful academic year, producing two dozen new doctorate holders. The doctoral program has seen an increase in the number of graduates and improved quality of D.Min. student projects.

It is noticeable that 2022 graduates' papers underscore the practicality in their respective ministerial settings. In response to the contemporary issues, diverse DMin tracks, for instance, introduced the following topics such as "A Biblical Foundation of Hospitality Ministry and Its Workshop Program" (Education Track), "Christian Media Utilization Plan for Mission Today" (Gospel and IT Track), "21 Days Early Morning Prayer Training Based on John 17" (Spiritual Formation Track).

Doctor of Ministry Program Director Dr. Tom Cowley stated, "It is always my great joy and pleasure to see our doctoral graduates. I am profoundly grateful that those alumni will play a pivotal role in the world mission onward." 

"The chief forte of our doctoral program is its missional contribution from a global context by the active engagement of our graduates in mission ministries," said Dr. William Wagner, Director of Olivet Institute for Global Strategic Studies.

ZSDS continues its mission to produce doctoral graduates who will become catalysts for the furtherance of the Gospel and the expansion of the kingdom of God.

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