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Olivet University Fall 2022 Student Recruitment Closes with Success

August 02, 2022

Olivet University student recruitment campaign closed successfully for the 2022 Fall quarter on August 1. The school received over 145 applicants from the United States and worldwide. The total number of applicants is still counting as the deadline for Fall admissions is set to be August 15. 

In the last two months, the student recruitment team at the Office of Admissions worked closely with each school’s academic staff to organize orientation events for prospective students. All campus locations across the United States and academic programs were introduced in the presentation. Several current students participated to share their on-campus experiences. 

Through Olivet University’s alumni network in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, the recruitment team was also able to invite prospective students to virtual ‘meet and greet’ events. Participants found it very helpful to receive application and admission guidance in their native languages. 

“This is the first Summer recruitment season since the world returned to normalcy after the pandemic. Prospective students, particularly international ones, are generally very enthusiastic and ready to apply. We also see a higher percentage of bachelor’s degree applicants compared to the previous years, which indicates that our college outreach is effective,” the student recruitment team shared in a statement. 

The Office of Admissions will continue to provide personal assistance to prospective and newly admitted students throughout the entire college exploration and enrollment process. As Olivet University closes the 2022 recruitment campaign, it looks forward to welcoming all students and dedicating the new academy year to God at the convocation on September 13.

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