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RDWL Enhances Collection with New Evangelical Theology Books and Commentary Sets

August 21, 2023

In a strategic move aimed at enriching academic resources, the university library has unveiled an expansion of its collection by incorporating a range of evangelical theology books and commentary sets.

This addition comes as part of the university's ongoing commitment to catering to the academic depth of its students, faculty, and researchers. The introduction of evangelical theology resources reflects the institution's dedication to providing a comprehensive learning environment.

The collection encompasses a wide spectrum of recent evangelical theological themes, poised to serve as vital resources especially for theology students and faculty, and those curious about the theological foundations of the evangelical movement.

"We are excited to introduce this new collection, which complements our existing resources and addresses an area of study that has been gaining significant academic interest," remarked University Librarian. "This expansion aligns with our mission to support research on the basis of evangelical faith."

The library's acquisition of evangelical theology commentary sets is particularly noteworthy, as they offer in-depth insights into scriptural interpretation and theological analysis. These commentary sets are expected to benefit theology students and scholars who engage with Scriptures on a regular basis.

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